Record Retrieval Services

If you're looking to add anywhere from 3-100 (or more) record retrieval specialists to your team, you've come to the right place.

Records Retrieval Services

Peak Outsourcing’s Philippines Outsourcing Center has more than 10 years of experience in all facets of records retrieval. We pride ourselves on being able to fulfill your record requests quickly and accurately. We work with the largest and most respected firms in the industry, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our unique ability to succeed at records retrieval from offshore locations makes us the largest record retrieval provider in the world

The single greatest factor contributing to our success is the high level of English our record retrieval agents command. This enables us to problem solve in difficult HIPPA environments that other outsourcing providers may not be as equipped to navigate.

The process we follow is recognized by most industry leaders:
  1. Verify records request was received by the facility.
  2. Ensure scope of request is accurate and records are available.
  3. Obtain commitment on delivery date and fees to be paid.
  4. Regular follow up to uncover any problems.
  5. Provide alternatives for faster delivery, such as FedEx, credit card payments, and downloading from portals.
  6. Check the records for quality and accuracy once received.
  7. Organize the records according to your standards for distribution.

Throughout the process we will document every contact to ensure transparency and open communication.

We have experience retrieving all of the following type of records:

Medical: All Types, including billing and radiology
Employment: Personnel, Payroll, Worker’s Compensation
Education: Transcripts, Personnel
Financial: Tax and Bank Records
Military: Active Duty, Veterans, Medical Records
Social Security and Disability
Phone Records

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