Mobile Application Developer

Job Description

The ideal candidate will be capable of developing for both the Android and iPhone platforms. Additionally, the position will require some graphical skills and talent to produce the icons and loading screen elements for the Apps.


  • Experience in Objective-C, Cocoa, and UIKit
  • Strong experience using iPhone/iPad UI views and controls (UITabBar, UIPicker, UIImagePicker, UIButton, UITableView, Custom TableView cells etc) View Controllers, Delegates and Protocols.
  • Knowledge and awareness of iPhone OS specifics and capabilities
  • Experience building custom user interface elements, media player controls, and basic animations
  • Ability to write good, clean code and to work from and maintain existing codebases
  • Experience with Java and Android programming
  • Experience with Android SDK, specifically Android UI and UX
  • Proven experience developing graphical elements such as icons, logos, and designs


  • Proven experience with one or more apps published in the app store
  • Experience with JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, and PHP when interfacing with web services
  • Experience with connecting to 3rd party APIs and databases
  • Familiarity with 3rd Party API Integration (Flickr, Twitter, Facebook Connect, Google Maps, etc.)
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