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Outsourcing to the Philippines

Are you considering outsourcing some of your business processes? Have you considered outsourcing to the Philippines? The country has become one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers to countries across the globe, with its skilled workforce, cultural compatibility, and affordability.

Since the first BPO opened in the Philippines in 1992, the industry has grown to collectively employ over 1.4 million people. This highly-skilled and affordable workforce is ready and willing to take on the tasks that you need to get done.

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Makati, Metro Manila

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If you have been outsourcing elsewhere or if you’re new to outsourcing processes, consider utilizing a Philippines-based company for your projects. Companies like Peak Outsourcing have decades of experience serving small, medium, and large businesses just like yours, and we’ll be ready to provide you with the affordable, high-quality solutions that you’re looking for.
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Nearshore Outsourcing to Belize

Like most business owners, you probably have business processes that could potentially be outsourced to save your team time and your company money. Perhaps you’ve considered outsourcing some of these processes, but have you considered nearshore outsourcing to Belize?

Call Center / Outsourcing Services

We offer a unique outsourcing approach

What really sets us apart from other outsourcing companies is that we are owned and operated by Americans who live in the Philippines. This allows us to mitigate any communication issues and quickly implement your business's workflow.

Back Office Support

From data entry to admin work, to payroll management and more, there are likely several routine back office tasks that are draining your energy and resources, when you could be focusing on your core responsibilities instead.

Construction Estimating

Are your highly paid estimators spending countless hours doing take offs?

Content Writers

Businesses, big or small, have to stay ahead of their competition by marketing and advertising their products and services on a regular basis.


Without a sound content marketing strategy, it can be difficult for new visitors to discover your business and the products and services that you have to offer.

Ecommerce Support

The continued rise of eCommerce in the past decade marks an ever-changing customer experience.

Social Media Marketers

In today’s world, social media marketing (SMM) gives businesses an opportunity to build genuine customer relationships like never before.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is critical to the success of your business, but what happens when you are too busy to stay on top of every communication channel?

Technical Support

Enterprise owners know that the hard work doesn’t end with closing a deal or selling your software, - it is just the first step in the long journey of winning a customer over and keeping them loyal to your business.

Web Designers

The already-high demand for quality websites has only increased since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and businesses were forced to move even more of their services and products online.

Appointment Setting

Turning a phone call into a qualified lead can be challenging. The process often requires a highly-trained intake team, a customized script for them to work from, and a bit of finesse.

We provide customized outsourcing solutions to businesses just like yours

Find out why Belize might be the right destination for your company’s outsourced processes. Some benefits include:


The low cost of doing business in the Philippines means that you can maximize your profits on services like customer support, technical support, appointment setting, web design, and more.

Stable Infrastructure and Government Support

The Philippines government is highly-supportive of the BPO industry and the prosperity it has brought to the country. As a result the infrastructure here is extremely stable, meaning our teams are always prepared to respond to your clients, day or night, without technical issues.

A Skilled Workforce

The Philippines has a highly-skilled labor force, with a literacy rate of nearly 95%. This means that we have a large pool of candidates who are ready and willing to do the work that you need completed.

Multi-Sector Experience

Because so many industries have turned to us for outsourcing help, we have extensive experience in many industries, including medical, legal, marketing/advertising, manufacturing, sales, and more.

Cultural Compatibility

When compared to other outsourcing hubs like India and China, the culture in the Philippines is remarkably similar to that of western countries. English is the primary language spoken here, and most people are familiar with western pop culture and other familiar signifiers. This makes our team uniquely qualified to interact with people in the U.S. and abroad.

Cultural Compatibility

When compared to other outsourcing hubs like India and China, the culture in the Philippines is remarkably similar to that of western countries. English is the primary language spoken here, and most people are familiar with western pop culture and other familiar signifiers. This makes our team uniquely qualified to interact with people in the U.S. and abroad.

Take advantage of the booming outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, and let us help you get your work done. Our multi-talented workforce is ready to assist you with the business processes you need.

Why Choose Peak Outsourcing?

With so many BPOs to choose from, why should you trust Peak Outsourcing with your businesses’ needs? There is a reason why so many of our clients have selected us as their outsourcing partner, and why they’ve decided to stick with us year after year. Some of the benefits of choosing us include:


Nearly two decades in the industry


A highly-trained team of professionals, versed in a wide variety of industries


Agility and the ability to change when necessary and stay current with the latest trends


Established processes


A commitment to excellence

Save time and money by outsourcing

Our goal is to provide a seamless transition between the outsourced work you send our way and your internal team’s efforts. We work to boost your team’s efficiency while saving you and your company money in the long run. Let us handle the work so you can focus on what you do best.

We can be reached by phone at (512) 831-7325, through our online contact form, or by chatting with us live on our website. We’ll be ready to provide you with a thorough consultation to discuss how we can optimize your business through our high quality outsourced Philippines services.

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Patrick Freking
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Patrick Freking


Pat has built a long and varied career across multiple areas. He graduated with a BS in Finance from Arizona State University and got his start in the business world as a healthcare consultant for some of the largest hospitals in the world, including St. Luke’s Episcopal in Houston, TX and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA.

Pat then ventured into the banking industry, gaining vast knowledge of all facets of commercial and retail lending. Following this, Pat built on his depth of sales skills and worked as an enterprise representative, selling Oracle applications and software implementations to Fortune 500 companies, as well as he had the opportunity to represent an accounting firm focused on the implementation of Sarbanes Oxley regulations.

In 2004, Pat started his own real estate development and management company. Over the years he developed and managed multiple commercial properties throughout Arizona and Texas. It was then that Pat sought out the resources of third party outsourcers for many support functions of his business and grew to understand how important these operations were to the success of his own company.

Pat believes the key to his success has been choosing to build his businesses with strong partners. “The one thing I am certain of is that businesses are only as solid as the teams that build them. You have to trust and genuinely believe in the people you put in front of your customers. It’s my commitment that Peak’s partnership with your business will be one you can depend on”.