About Us

PEAK Outsourcing evolved from a concept that set out to better the experience and client expectations when outsourcing to the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, the Philippines. We were once a client, so we know what it is like and we understand the fears of having a working and financial relationship with someone overseas. We took all the headaches and uncertainties we experienced, along with surveying other clients whom we outsourced, and devised a program to fix those issues that were always recurring. We knew the concept of outsourcing could be a huge benefit for a client, and that there had to be a better way of doing so, so we set out to make these changes.

PEAK Outsourcing, like many other business process outsourcing (BPOs) companies and call centers in the Philippines, offer well-educated, English- and other-language speaking, customer service-oriented employees. What differentiates PEAK Outsourcing from all the others is that it is owned and operated by Americans with highly qualified Filipino managers and staff who have a grasp on western business culture and customer expectations. We raised the bar for the outsourcing industry. Our managers successfully completed our management training, teaching our employees best practices, cultural differences, and and the ability to know how to truly better service our clients worldwide. Additionally, all of our agents have passed strenuous tests to prove written and verbal language(s) ability, comprehension, and various skill sets needed for each particular task. We took the time to develop this in order to meet our overall object of truly making outsourcing better for both company and client.

Target Market

Since the inception of the outsourcing concept, “offshoring” has been viewed as viable only for Fortune 500 companies. Due to the ever changing economy and the constant demand for businesses to provide more for less, small businesses have a greater need to cut costs in order to stay competitive. By focusing on these small- to medium-sized enterprises we are able to provide quality solutions to an underserved business segment. We have taken the “10,000-person call center” model and scaled it down to offer a low-cost solution without sacrificing quality. Our strategy calls for a large and diverse customer base that requires reliability, quality, and meeted expectations without the expense of a first-world workforce.

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