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Discover the Truth of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

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December 22, 2022
Discover the Truth of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Many companies continue to believe misconceptions aboutDiscover the truth of business process outsourcing business process outsourcing (BPO). These myths cause many business owners to miss out on the benefits of efficient solutions to help a company attract new customers, boost revenue, and expand operations. Here, you will find the most common myths as well as the truths of BPO so you can finally take your business to the next level.

Myth: BPO Creates Communication Challenges

Some companies hire third-party companies to handle specific business functions. Outsourcing involves third parties performing the necessary tasks of an outsourced team or department on behalf of the company that hires them.

A common reason business owners hesitate to outsource to other companies is the belief that communication will be challenging. However, BPO companies communicate regularly with their clients. They believe in transparency and frequent contact to ensure they meet the client’s needs and goals.

Relinquishing control over certain aspects of your business can be scary. It’s stressful knowing someone else will manage the tasks you’re used to handling yourself or entrusting to one of your in-house employees. The result should be favorable by partnering with a BPO company that upholds the same standards and values as you. The truth of BPO is you can have peace of mind knowing you have a team with the skills and experience to support your daily operations and keep your company safe.

Myth: BPO Companies Don’t Prioritize Privacy and Security

You risk data mismanagement when you outsource to another company. Even handling data in-house comes with inherent risks. Providing a third party with sensitive information is part of hiring a BPO company.

Protecting your company starts before you hire someone. You should conduct a risk assessment and implement effective strategies to safeguard your data. You should evaluate a potential company’s security protocols and determine whether they align with your needs.

Despite what you might think, BPO companies approach data security carefully. You should outsource your business function to a company with established procedures and layers of security for handling sensitive client information. Typically, trusted BPO companies approach data security by regularly updating methods to keep up with best practices within the industry.

Outsourcing partners can effectively mitigate, monitor, report, and alert security breaches with corporate data governance, intelligent technologies, data protection/data breach detection, and compliance directives.

Assuming a BPO company will misuse confidential data is also a common misconception. The success of any outsourcing entity depends on its reputation. No one wants to hire companies associated with privacy breaches.

Myth: Outsourcing Is Only for Call Centers

Outsourcing and call centers are terms that often go hand in hand. However, BPO companies offer more than call center services. They also offer outsourcing services for business functions, such as:

Myth: Small Businesses Won’t Benefit from Outsourcing

Many business owners believe outsourcing is beneficial for large companies and corporations. A common assumption is hiring a third party to manage inbound calls is necessary when business operations are too significant to handle in-house.

The truth of BPO is it can benefit companies of any size. A BPO company can assist with any aspect of your business using a streamlined process as long as you have the resources to purchase the services you need.

Outsourcing offers numerous advantages, including:

  • More efficient processes – An in-house department for IT management, accounting, or marketing might seem like the best option. However, it can foster inefficient practices, especially if the department is small and has access to limited resources. Outsourcing those departments to an experienced team makes processes more efficient and accurate, mitigating potential risks.
  • Lower costs – Handing tasks to your employees can save you money in the short term. However, it can be costly in the future if they make mistakes. You must also purchase the equipment necessary to get the job done. Outsourcing business functions allows another company to take on the expense of delegating responsibilities to the right team. They are responsible for providing equipment or already have them readily available in an established office or working space.
  • More free time – Business owners often require employees to take on duties outside their job descriptions. That limits efficiency and accuracy. Hiring a BPO company to outsource those functions allows your employees to focus on their core responsibilities. They have more time to complete their jobs correctly and prioritize revenue-generating tasks.

Optimize Business Operations with BPO

Forget about the myths you’ve heard about BPO in the past. The truth of business solutions outsourcing is that it increases productivity, cuts costs, and boosts revenue.

Peak Outsourcing can discuss our services with you and customize the ones you choose to meet your unique needs. Call or contact us online today to learn more about how BPO can elevate your company and help it grow. Our results speak for themselves!

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Is Business Process Out Sourcing Right For Your Business?

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