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Seven Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant

Peak Outsourcing
November 1, 2023
Seven Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant

Seven Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Virtual Assistant

From ensuring order fulfillment is never an issue to managing customer service requests, running a Shopify online store can involve many duties. You may struggle to address them all yourself as your Shopify business grows.

Consider hiring a Shopify virtual assistant to help if you’ve never run an online store before or if you’re new to Shopify. Unlike a full-time employee, a Shopify virtual assistant (VA) is a remote worker who handles various tasks according to your needs. They can help you grow your business without spending more than your budget allows.

Among the benefits of hiring a Shopify virtual assistant to help you run your store are:

Saving Time

The tasks a Shopify virtual assistant handles on your behalf will depend on your needs. Some Shopify store owners may only need virtual assistants to help with basic work like data entry. Others may require more advanced services, like social media management.

Regardless of the exact reason you’re hiring a Shopify virtual assistant, the tasks they can assist you with are all tasks that take time. Outsourcing them by hiring Shopify virtual help gives you more time to focus on other aspects of growing your business.

You may benefit from hiring a Shopify virtual assistant even if running a Shopify store is a side hustle. If you want it to remain a side gig, hiring outside help can ensure you don’t find yourself drowning in tasks.

Saving Money

Hiring a Shopify virtual assistant tends to be more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. A virtual assistant service can provide flexible options, and you can have them work only as many hours as you need them to. Thus, you’re not wasting money paying employees when you may not need their full-time services.

You can always hire new employees or additional VAs later. Right now, hiring a Shopify virtual assistant may be the more cost-friendly way to grow your business. You’ll save money by using extra help as needed instead of expanding faster than you’re able to.

In addition, a Shopify virtual assistant could offload tasks your current employees already handle. If your workers tell you they need extra help, don’t hire a new employee immediately. Consider how hiring a Shopify virtual assistant might be the better option.

Expanding Into Global Markets

Data from Statista indicate the vast majority of Shopify users are U.S.-based. However, Shopify also has users in the UK, Australia, Germany, and various other parts of the world.

Your online store may not be able to cater to international customers effectively if no one handles tasks like order processing or customer support when you’re not working. One of the benefits of hiring a Shopify virtual assistant is that you can ensure they’re available to respond to customer needs in different time zones. That gives you more of an opportunity to serve customers throughout the globe.

Making the Right Impression on Customers

Offering reliable customer service should be among your top goals as a business owner. A bad customer service experience is among the key reasons why many customers stop being loyal to businesses and brands.

You can’t be available to address customer support requests and customer needs all the time. However, you don’t need to be. Hiring a virtual assistant to manage customer service or customer support for your online store when you’re unavailable ensures that someone is always there to respond when customers have questions or concerns. Their presence can help you impress customers while also giving you peace of mind.

Improving Your Health

Don’t overlook the potential significance of this benefit. Although running a Shopify store can be a very rewarding experience, running any business on your own can also drain you. If you’re constantly attending to all the various tasks that running an online business involves, you may be at risk of burnout in the long run.

You won’t be able to serve your customers well if your health suffers. In addition, stress that may result from devoting too much time to managing your business can interfere with your personal life.

Guard against this by hiring a Shopify virtual assistant. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how your health and wellness improve when you have extra help to take on important tasks you have a hard time fitting into your schedule.

Leveraging New Insights

a shopify virtual assistant on a desktop computer completing shopify social media tasksTaking your time to find a virtual assistant who is a good fit is smart. You should feel comfortable working with your assistant. Along with feeling personally comfortable communicating with them, you should feel they have the qualifications necessary to serve your needs.

Keep in mind that they may even have qualifications and experience you haven’t considered. For example, perhaps you choose to hire a virtual assistant for the purpose of managing your social media accounts. Maybe they’re more familiar with social media marketing strategies than you. If so, they could offer opinions and insights you may not have considered before.

Filling Roles Easily

Hiring a Shopify virtual assistant through a virtual assistant service may be wiser than trying to find an assistant independently. If you choose a reputable service, you don’t need to spend as much time vetting potential candidates. You can instead be reasonably confident the service you’re working with hires qualified employees.

This is yet another way in which hiring a Shopify VA can help you save time as a business owner. Being able to focus on more important tasks may allow you to develop a business strategy that propels your growth.

The Importance of Working with a Reputable Shopify Virtual Assistant Service

There’s no absolute guarantee you’ll experience all these benefits of hiring a Shopify virtual assistant the moment you sign a contract with your new VA. It’s still important to choose a virtual assistant service you can trust to connect you with reliable help.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at PEAK Outsourcing. We offer outsourced Ecommerce support services perfect for a busy Shopify store owner. Learn more about what our cam can do for you by calling us at 866-861-1731 or contacting us online to discuss your needs today.

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