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What a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

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November 10, 2023
What a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

What a Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do for You

An active social media presence should play a role in any business owner’s marketing strategy in the digital age. According to Marketing Dive, about 68 percent of social media users use these platforms to learn about new products and services and to get notified about deals and promotions. Business owners can take advantage of these trends by regularly posting content and engaging with followers on social media platforms.

That’s not to say you should manage your social media accounts while also trying to run your business. Consider hiring a social media virtual assistant to help you manage your social accounts. Doing so can give you a unique edge over the competition.

What Is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who performs many tasks an in-office assistant might perform. A social media virtual assistant (or social media marketing virtual assistant) focuses primarily on assisting with social media campaigns.

You may hire a social media virtual assistant through an outsourcing company with a specialty in social media marketing. This option lets you save time by working with professionals who can connect you with virtual assistants qualified to serve small business owners like yourself.

A social media assistant’s exact services may vary from one company or assistant to another. Ask about the experiences and services of all candidates to ensure you choose one that’s right for your project.

How Can Your Social Media VA Help?

A social media virtual assistant could help you in these key ways:

Ensuring Consistency

Scheduling regular social media posts across multiple social media channels consistently requires a certain degree of time investment. A social media virtual assistant can ensure your online presence remains active. They can schedule, generate, and post content on your behalf. Allowing them to maintain your social media activity ensures you won’t fall behind in providing your followers with content.

A skilled social media virtual assistant can also ensure brand consistency. Even if you post regularly, you may struggle to make the right impression on your target audience if your content doesn’t reflect a consistent brand. That’s not something you need to worry about if you choose a social media virtual assistant who takes the time to understand your brand from the start.

Leveraging Insights and Developing New Ideas

Your virtual social media manager may have significant experience managing social media accounts for numerous other clients. Such an experienced social media manager could understand social media marketing best practices quite well. If so, they may offer insights you can apply to optimize your social media marketing strategy.

Even if your social media virtual assistant doesn’t have new ideas, they can help you stay on top of tracking and monitoring important metrics and user data. You could analyze this data to determine what aspects of your social campaigns deliver results and what aspects need improvements.

Scaling Growth

You shouldn’t settle for the least expensive social media VA if you think they lack the experience necessary to handle your project. Saving money by hiring an inexperienced virtual assistant could cost you money in the long run. You’re likely to save both time and money if you hire someone who can provide quality service from the start.

However, it’s worth noting that hiring a social media virtual assistant is typically less expensive than hiring a full-time social media manager. Hiring a social media VA is a less costly way to scale your business growth.

You may hire a social media virtual assistant to serve you as needed. When your business grows, and your needs increase, you may amend your contract with them to account for additional working hours.

Or, you may reach a point when you decide it’s time to build an internal social media team. Even upon reaching this stage, you might continue working with a virtual assistant. This ensures your employees have the option of offloading certain tasks.

Learning About Your Audience Through Interactions

a happy business owner on the computer and their phone speaking to their remote social media virtual assistantSocial media is a powerful marketing tool for many reasons. For example, it gives you the chance to engage with your ideal customer on a regular basis.

That means it also gives you the chance to learn more about that ideal customer: your audience. The more you know about your audience, the better you can serve them. Customer satisfaction is likely to increase as a result.

You’re a busy professional. You don’t have time to pay attention to your social media profiles all day. Even if you engage with users, you might do so quickly before moving on to other tasks. This deprives you of the chance to stop and consider what you’re learning from these interactions.

A social media virtual assistant will work exclusively on your social media marketing campaigns. They have the ability to stop and focus on what social media user interactions with your users tell you about your customers and how they perceive your brand. Your VA can pass their insights on to you.

Greater Efficiency

According to the Harvard Business Review, almost nobody is able to multitask successfully. Every time you stop focusing on a task to post on social media or respond to a follower, you may struggle to return your attention to the task you were working on before.

Social media is already a distraction in many of our personal lives. It shouldn’t be a distraction in your professional life, too.

Rather, it should be a tool through which you connect with your target audience and cultivate loyalty accordingly. It’s more likely to serve this purpose if you have a dedicated assistant managing your social media accounts. While they optimize your social presence, you can optimize your efficiency by attending to other tasks without disruptions that social media tends to create.

The Importance of Finding the Right Social Media Virtual Assistant

Merely hiring a virtual assistant to handle your social media posting isn’t enough to guarantee you’ll experience all these advantages. It’s still important to set aside time to find the right assistant for your project.

We at PEAK Outsourcing make this step easy. We offer outsourced virtual assistant services tailored to the specific needs and projects of our clients. Learn more about what our social media virtual assistants can do for you by calling us today at 886-861-1731 or contacting us online.

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