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Nine Outsourcing Examples And Their Benefits

Peak Outsourcing
December 20, 2023
Nine Outsourcing Examples And Their Benefits

Nine Outsourcing Examples And Their Benefits

Outsourcing is a cost-effective way for many enterprises to have a competitive advantage. It involves hiring an outside individual or professional company to conduct certain business operations. This business practice can help your company access high-quality talent without adding to your overhead, save money, and offer more comprehensive services to clients. Some outsourcing examples include:

Accounting and Finance

The financial side of running a business can make a difference between fiscal success and failure for small business owners. Outsourcing your accounting needs can help ensure that your payroll and taxes are prepared correctly, your customer invoices are processed properly, and your A/R is balanced.

Sales and Business Development

Keeping the sales pipeline full while still managing current customers can be a challenge for smaller enterprises. Although outsourcing sales may seem counterintuitive, smaller companies may benefit from outsourced appointment setting or lead qualification so that a sales manager only has warm leads. These are practical outsourcing examples that demonstrate how businesses can optimize their operations.

Business development outsourcing can also include market research for companies focused on expansion and growth. Business development can also include outsourcing social media management, from creating posts to engaging with your brand’s friends and followers. Your internal staff can spend time developing products or engaging with customers rather than managing social media.

Attorney Representation and Other Legal Services

Not every business has in-house counsel, but every business owner can benefit from the advice of a corporate law attorney. From drafting the articles of incorporation to ensuring that your business is compliant with industry regulations, a business lawyer helps prevent costly legal headaches.

Many law firms offer outsourced legal support, including defending your business in case of a lawsuit, contract dispute, or employment issue.

Tech and IT Services

Both the hardware and software needed to run your business can be provided by an outsourcing company. Some IT companies may outsource software development at certain phases of a project if they have special needs that don’t justify hiring a full-time employee. Other companies may outsource the hardware installation and upkeep or cybersecurity monitoring.

Any business may be able to reduce costs with outsourced IT, from website development and construction to app development or customized software programming. Tech support for employees is another commonly outsourced IT task or Software as a Subscription (SaaS) utilization.

Business or Shipping Logistics

Supply chain challenges can be overwhelming for businesses, no matter how large. Many companies simply don’t have the money to invest in an entire department dedicated to shipping and logistics. Now, through outsourcing, companies can work with a professional logistics company to ship goods on a global scale.

Logistics companies can coordinate shipments across time zones and provide updates to customers in real-time. This reduces shipment costs for your business, so even a small business can be competitive with a multi-national chain. Logistics outsourcing doesn’t just involve transport. You could also outsource storage, like warehouse space, securely.

Product Manufacturing

Usually, it’s large, national, or global companies that outsource manufacturing. Some of the most-known types of this sort of outsourced work involve apparel brands that have developing countries produce fast fashion to be sold in the U.S. or other Western countries.

Other types of outsourced manufacturing could include companies that have a third party produce a certain component for their products, one that they cannot manufacture cost-effectively in-house. This could be a specialized piece of technology or any other niche component of a finished product. Outsourcing could help keep costs down.

Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Many white-collar types of businesses employ a third-party cleaning and janitorial service. Anything from skyscraper window washing to landscaping – not all businesses have the wherewithal to have their own in-house building maintenance and upkeep departments.

Other types of cleaning outsourcing include specialized cleaning needed for a restaurant or hotel, like linen services or cleaning kitchen hoods. Manufacturing centers with toxic chemicals may need a specialized cleaning service, too, one equipped with proper gear. Outsourcing all these specialized tasks helps the business keep its overhead low.

Hiring, Talent Acquisition, and Human Resources Duties

Hiring a headhunter can help you identify, attract, and retain top talent. This gives your business a competitive edge by hiring the best and creating dynamic teams that produce high-quality work. Human resources outsourcing can also include all types of hiring, background checks, skills assessments, and onboarding paperwork and training.

Outsourced HR could include drafting job descriptions and employment postings, interviewing candidates and sending on only the top talent for an in-house interview, and verifying each candidate’s CV and employment history.

Customer Support and Service

virtual assistants at an outsourcing agency working on tasks assigned to them by business ownersHiring external customer support can be valuable for businesses that conduct a lot of their transactions online. Having reliable support 24-7 can help your customers set up or terminate accounts, troubleshoot a product, or get their questions answered.

Customer service could include both inbound and outbound calls, managing the company website’s chatbot, or communicating via email. Outsourcing your customer support can also provide greater availability – customers can get their needs met immediately and effectively instead of waiting for one of your in-house employees to become available.

Outsourced customer support is professional. Many representatives are specifically trained to handle angry or disappointed customers with respect and professionalism. The quality of your customer support can make or break your business, especially with the availability of online reviews. These are additional outsourcing examples that highlight the versatility and range of services available.

What Kind of Outsourcing Needs Can PEAK Outsourcing Meet?

Whether you are a small business, a start-up, or a national corporation with multiple locations, outsourcing can help you reach and exceed your business goals. PEAK Outsourcing provides comprehensive business solutions BPO services with highly skilled help for any type of industry.

Our team consists of highly trained individuals known for their professional demeanor and behavior. In addition to offering specific services like human resources and accounting to help you navigate legal and tax complexities, we provide 24-hour customer support. Our empathetic customer service representatives are dedicated to treating your customers with the same care and respect you do.

PEAK Outsourcing can help you achieve your business goals. If you’re not sure how we can help you do this, give us a call at 1-866-796-0810. We’ll perform a detailed business analysis and identify your needs, then advise you about how our professional outsourcing services can meet them.

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