Ten Types of Virtual Assistants That Can Enhance Your Business
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Ten Types of Virtual Assistants That Can Enhance Your Business

Peak Outsourcing
December 15, 2023
Ten Types of Virtual Assistants That Can Enhance Your Business

Ten Types of Virtual Assistants That Can Enhance Your Business

Start-ups, small business owners, and entrepreneurs can all benefit from virtual assistant services. These professionals typically work remotely, helping you with anything from filing paperwork online and other administrative tasks to making travel arrangements or performing specialized professional services. When you engage a virtual assistant, you can benefit from a larger hiring pool than you’d have for a physical assistant. This larger pool can open doors to a variety of services that can help you grow your business. There are many types of virtual assistants. Which one is right for you?

Administrative Virtual Assistant

An owner-operator business owner may have many administrative tasks that take away from the primary focus of their business. This could include accounting and invoicing, data entry and administrative work, travel arrangements, or bookkeeping. An administrative personal assistant can take care of all that and can also help manage your time so you can use it more effectively. Administrative VAs can help with managing email, scheduling appointments, and taking notes during personnel or client meetings. These types of virtual assistants are usually utilized by upper management or executives who need to free up more of their time.

Data Entry Virtual Assistant

A data entry virtual assistant is like an administrative virtual assistant, but their focus is more on entering large amounts of data or performing transcription services. This could include transcribing audio or video recordings, entering or deleting notes, or creating contact databases with names, addresses, or other customer information. These individuals should have precise attention to detail and the ability to carefully check their work.

Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

If you need help with accounting, payroll, or tax preparation, then a bookkeeping virtual assistant may be your solution. These may be employees of an outsourcing accounting firm, or they could be financial professionals who provide bespoke bookkeeping services to multiple clients. This can help small business owners avoid making costly mistakes with tax filing or employee payroll or benefit those who don’t have strong accounting skills.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A busy real estate agent can benefit from hiring a real estate virtual assistant. This person can help with appointment setting and lead generation, complete paperwork for the real estate agent, or arrange showings or open houses. A real estate VA may support multiple realtors, screening calls and emails and passing on hot leads to different agents.

Real estate VAs help generate more leads for a real estate agent and handle a lot of the busy work of a real estate office so that the agents can spend more time with their clients, building relationships, and closing sales.

In the real estate industry, there’s another type of virtual assistant that can be incredibly valuable: the Airbnb virtual assistant. These professionals specialize in guest communications, rental management, and bookkeeping, playing a crucial role in the smooth operation and success of Airbnb businesses. Their flexible, as-needed service model makes them an essential asset for efficient property management.

Computer Virtual Assistants

A computer virtual assistant can help the technologically challenged. These VAs can set up a website and monitor it, set up a computer network for your business, or oversee cybersecurity. Some computer virtual assistants can create specific programs for your business, while others focus on the hardware, troubleshooting malfunctioning devices, or installing upgrades.

Graphic Design Virtual Assistant

Most businesses need graphic design services but may not have the resources to do these tasks in-house. A graphic design VA could create logos and digital marketing materials, design a website, or create brochures and signage. Look for a type of virtual assistant whose expertise includes tools like InDesign or Photoshop.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media management is the key to generating hype for a start-up or helping a small business compete with larger, more established companies. A social media virtual assistant oversees your business’s online presence, handling Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. They also interact with other accounts on behalf of your business.

They can write posts, answer comments, and manage the social media reputation of your business. If there are customer concerns, the social media VA can forward them to the appropriate person for correction.

Social media VAs also determine what kind of content will best suit the business goals and arrange a publication schedule. This way, you don’t have to take hours away from your business conceptualizing catchy tweets or artsy Instagram stories.

Legal Virtual Assistants

Legal virtual assistants help law firms and independent attorneys by managing case documentation, scheduling, and client communications. They ensure legal compliance and streamline operations, allowing legal professionals to focus on case strategy and client relationships. Additionally, they can assist with legal research and the preparation of legal briefs, enhancing the efficiency of legal proceedings.

Shopping and E-Commerce Virtual Assistants

If you need help with your online store, e-commerce virtual assistants can be a lifesaver. Virtual assistants can help manage your online store so you can spend more time creating items for your store.

A shopping virtual assistant can also help keep track of what items are in a customer’s cart so that none of the items get lost if a shopper selects them through your e-commerce affiliate links. An e-commerce VA may be able to help if you sell through a third party, too, like Shopify or Amazon. They can streamline online purchasing so that your store has the appropriate number of items in stock and alert you if there is a problem.

Customer Service Virtual Assistants

a stressed business owner searching for the right type of virtual assistant for his companyCustomer service VAs exist in just about every industry and company. They manage everything from subscription renewals to complaints and everything in between. You may have a call center handle your inbound and outbound customer interactions or a customer service VA handle your website’s chatbot. Customer service assistants can also set up or cancel services for users or even handle refunds or exchanges. You can give your VA as much or as little authority as you need.

Do You Need a Professional Virtual Assistant? PEAK Outsourcing Is Your Solution

PEAK Outsourcing offers comprehensive VA services, from rudimentary administrative tasks to highly specialized social media or content marketing skills. Whatever the size of your business, we have the right type of virtual personal assistant for your needs. We take the time to learn about your company’s needs and challenges and match you with a VA to help you meet and even exceed your goals. Call 1-866-796-0810 to get started.

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