What to Know When Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


What to Know When Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Pinterest is among the most popular social media platforms for marketers. According to Pinterest, nearly half a billion monthly users access the platform to make purchases, get gift ideas, etc. It’s easy to understand why marketers consider it to be valuable.

However, managing a Pinterest account can involve many tasks. You may not have time to manage a Pinterest account if you’re a business owner. You may also not have time to learn Pinterest marketing if you’ve never used the platform.

You don’t have to. Hire a Pinterest virtual assistant (VA) instead. A virtual assistant service can connect you with a remote VA who could assist you with such tasks as:

  • Creating Pins
  • Designing Pins
  • Writing Pin descriptions for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Scheduling Pins
  • Analyze competitors
  • Join group boards
  • Track trends
  • Analyze your company’s Pinterest performance

Those are only a few examples. Not all VA services may connect you with the right Pinterest VA to serve your needs. Tips to keep in mind during the hiring process include:

Know Your Needs Early

The services one VA offers might not be the same as another. Knowing what specific services you need before hiring a Pinterest VA is critical to choosing a virtual assistant that’s right for you.

For example, you may need general assistance with basic tasks like scheduling Pins. Many Pinterest VAs may be able to serve you if so.

On the other hand, perhaps you need help tracking user data to develop and refine a successful Pinterest marketing strategy. If that’s the case, you might need help from a Pinterest virtual assistant with specialized experience matching your needs.

Know Your Target Audience

Your Pinterest VA will be better able to serve you if you provide them with thorough information about your needs and overall project early in your relationship. For instance, providing a VA with all the information you currently have about your target audience is wise.

Pinterest is a valuable social media marketing platform for several reasons. One is that it offers marketers tools and resources to learn about their audiences and target them accordingly. Your Pinterest VA can leverage these tools and resources to your advantage when they have as much information about your target audience as possible. Consider compiling a file of helpful information to help your Pinterest VA hit the ground running.

Know What to Look for in a Pinterest VA

Hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant instead of hiring full-time employees allows you to scale your business growth. You’ll save time and money hiring a VA to serve you on an as-needed basis instead of paying employees who may not always have work to do.

Finding a Pinterest VA through an outsourcing company also minimizes how much time you spend vetting your options. That said, it’s still critical to know what general qualities a Pinterest VA should have. Your VA should have:

  • Pinterest experience
  • A general familiarity with social media marketing best practices
  • A willingness to learn your brand and communicate with your audience in a brand-specific manner
  • An understanding of Pinterest’s targeting features

One reason you may be thinking about hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant could be that you’re not very comfortable with the platform. Maybe you have limited Pinterest experience and need assistance from someone who understands the platform’s features more thoroughly.

Ideally, a Pinterest VA may be someone you can learn from. If they know more about Pinterest marketing than you, their insights could help you improve your strategy.

Know Your Budget

Your Pinterest virtual assistant will represent your brand to customers. Even if they only do so in a limited capacity, you need to consider this.

Hiring a “bargain bin” VA might seem like the smart move if you run a small business. Your budget may always be tight. Naturally, you seek opportunities to save money whenever you can.

That’s understandable. However, if you hire a Pinterest virtual assistant who isn’t qualified to serve your needs, they could make errors that end up alienating customers. In an effort to save money, you might actually lose money in the long run.

You will need to consider your budget when choosing who to hire. The most affordable Pinterest virtual assistant isn’t always the best one. Luckily, hiring a Pinterest VA is still typically much more affordable than hiring more employees.

Know What Questions You Want to Ask

a pinterest virtual assistant speaking to their boss while performing assigned pinterest tasksDon’t overlook the obvious. Preparing a set of questions to ask either your Pinterest VA or a rep from the company connecting you with a VA can help you feel more confident in your choice of Pinterest virtual assistant.

Earlier points have addressed the importance of finding someone with relevant Pinterest experience. Other topics you may consider asking about when you interview potential Pinterest Vas include:

  • Whether the Pinterest VA can assist you with other social media marketing tasks
  • How you will remain in contact with your Pinterest VA
  • Whether the Pinterest VA has any feedback about your current Pinterest marketing campaigns
  • What the VA needs from you to succeed in their role

You could also ask industry-specific questions. Although it’s not always necessary to find a Pinterest VA who has served clients in your exact niche before, it never hurts to find out if they have specific experience working on projects like yours.

Choosing a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Can Be Easy

The role of a Pinterest VA or any other type of virtual assistant is to make your life easier. It’s important to devote sufficient time to sifting through your options to ensure that you don’t hire an unreliable VA. However, it’s also important not to let the process of choosing a VA become so complex that it distracts from focusing on your business growth.

These aren’t issues you need to worry about when you find a Pinterest virtual assistant through PEAK Outsourcing. We offer outsourced social media marketing services designed to ensure that all our clients receive convenient and consistent service. For more information about hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant with us, contact us online or call us today at 866-861-1731 to discuss your project.

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