Ten Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant


Ten Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Thriving in the real estate industry requires putting in the work. That doesn’t mean you need to manage all aspects of your real estate business on your own.

You may need additional help as your business grows. However, you might be unable to justify the cost of hiring new employees just yet.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is another option. With virtual help, you can reduce your workload without spending more than you can afford.

What Is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are just assistants who work remotely. A virtual assistant for the real estate industry may help with such tasks as:

Those are just a few examples. If it’s a task you could delegate to a traditional real estate assistant, a virtual assistant could handle it.

Hiring a realtor virtual assistant is more budget-friendly than hiring an employee. Someone who works on a full-time or even part-time basis may be someone you have to pay even when they have little work to perform.

Virtual assistants are different. They typically don’t require long-term contracts. They usually work on flexible contracts, allowing you to define the scope of work according to your needs. A flexible arrangement like this allows you to scale the growth of your real estate business.

Other benefits of hiring a virtual assistant as a real estate professional include:

Staying Active on Social Media

According to the National Association of Realtors, maintaining an active social media presence helps a realtor cultivate a brand and sustain engagement with their audience. Posting regularly on social media is also much easier when you hire a virtual assistant to manage your social media accounts.

Understanding Your Financials

A virtual assistant offering bookkeeping and accounting services can generate financial reports upon request. Knowing someone is tracking your cash flow and generating financial data when you need, it can help you better understand your business’s financial health.

Handling Tasks While You’re on the Road

Being a real estate professional naturally involves spending time outside the office. Visiting properties and meeting with clients are essential aspects of your job. Hire a real estate virtual assistant, and someone else will tend to the behind-the-scenes work when you can’t.

Remaining Organized

You’ll make the wrong impression on clients and your peers if you’re consistently late for meetings, slow to respond to emails, and unresponsive in other ways.

A real estate virtual assistant can manage your calendar, remind you about following up with clients, and more. They’ll ensure you stay organized when you’re too busy to do so alone.

Benefiting from Insights

Virtual assistant real estate professionals may have experience working with clients like you in the past. They may thus have insights about certain aspects of running your business.

For example, maybe your virtual assistant has significant social media management experience. If so, they might have ideas for campaigns that can yield high levels of engagement from your audience.

That’s one example. The main point to remember is that when you hire a virtual assistant to provide a service, they may have specialized knowledge related to that service. Leverage their expertise to boost your business’ growth.

Saving Money

Virtual assistants don’t just help real estate professionals save money by eliminating the need to hire employees. In some cases, virtual assistants also provide tools and resources realtors would otherwise have to purchase.

Consider the example of accounting software. Your current accounting tools may not be sufficient to serve your needs. You might need to upgrade these tools as your business grows.

Doing so may not be necessary if you hire a virtual assistant offering accounting and bookkeeping services. They will likely already have the tools to serve you. You will thus save money not having to buy these tools yourself.

Improving Personal Productivity

Research published in the journal Cerebrum illustrates how the average person is incapable of multitasking. Even someone who thinks they’re multitasking productively likely isn’t achieving as much as they would if they focused on one task at a time.

Attempting to multitask eats into your productivity. However, you may feel you need to multitask if you don’t have time to handle all your daily responsibilities.

A real estate virtual assistant solves this problem. Offloading tasks to your virtual assistant allows you to boost productivity when handling other tasks.

Making Informed Decisions

A real estate virtual assistant can help you make more informed business decisions by gathering relevant data for your review. For example, financial data can tell you whether you can afford a particular business investment. Data about your properties can help you identify features that make properties more attractive.

Attracting More Business

Identifying and cultivating leads is an important duty for a realtor. It’s also one you may have little time for when you have other tasks to attend to. A virtual assistant can help by generating leads and following up with them to guard against missed opportunities.

Boosting Personal Fulfillment

an outsourced virtual assistant working on responding to clients about a real estate property virtuallyIt’s impossible to be happy in a job if it deprives you of your free time. To thrive as a realtor in the long run, you need a degree of work-life balance.

Achieving that balance is difficult if you’re the only person handling all your day-to-day tasks. You’ll have more personal time if you can delegate these tasks to a virtual assistant. The result? Greater overall life satisfaction.

Learn More About Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

You may appreciate the potential long-term value of hiring a virtual assistant as a real estate professional. However, you might not know where to start when searching for one.

Finding the right virtual assistant for your needs can be a time-consuming process on its own. You need to write a job description, post it on relevant job search platforms, and interview candidates, hoping you find the right person for the role.

Simplify this task by hiring someone through an agency offering outsourced real estate virtual assistant services. At PEAK Outsourcing, we vet candidates, so you don’t have to. We’ll connect you with the right virtual assistant for your needs, saving you a lot of time in the process. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 1-866-796-0335 to discuss your project today.

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